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What are Bio fertilizer fermenter. .?

Why our Biofertilizer fermenter. .?

Bio fertilizer fermenter. .

What's bio growth protectors

Biogrowth protector is used again growth of plants to imbibe the bio neutrician which are already sprayed or feed through granules contains nessesary miorobes this is to have consistent growth of the plants specifically for the fields related.


This is basically a purely organic based insecticides to protect every plant from different types of warms insects reptiles which are determental for roots ,streams and leafs.

All the above process is done under anaerobic process conditions in a complete consealed vessel.

Why we.?

In general all the bio fertiliser, Biocides based products which are mfg by best fermentation process from our fermenter or bioreactor to achives the conversion of soil into organic in due counser.

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