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Manufacturer Supplier of Blenders, Chemical Blenders, Industrial Blenders, Powder Blenders, Liquid Blenders, Chemical Process Blenders, Ribbon Blenders, Various Capacities In SS316-304 complete we are providing excellent quality Blenders, which are manufactured by using high grade material. These Blenders are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. High in demand, these Blenders are available at most reasonable price etc

The chemical process equipments includes products like activated bleaching earth plant, calcium carbonate grinding mill, chemical resistant FRP pipes and tanks, sulphuric acid and allied plant, paper making, graphite grinding mill. We make sure that the client gets the best of what he asks for whether it is used mixers or chemical machinery. We have both the equipments and the experience to perform at the highest level and give quality services. Hexamide Agrotech provides Chemical process machinery which includes ammonia cracker, glass autoclaves, high pressure auto claves, magnetic drive coupling, and plant scale high pressure reactors.

It is not easy to get good quality powder mixers in India. We supply powder mixers of all types from mining and minerals processing, talc, barite, coal, limestone, gold mining, paint and coatings, grain processing, pulp and paper, cement, lime, sand and gravel, aggregate, food processing, fruit and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical. Our products are always good as we customize the product and supply it to the client according to their specifications.

We manufactures supply large variety of Blending equipments like Chemical Blending Machine, Powder Blending Machine, Ribbon Blenders ,Ribbon Mixers, Liquid Blending Machine ,U shape blending Machine eg Ribbon Blenders, Chemical Blenders, Chemical Mixers, etc. These Blending Machines provide homogenous mixture of chemical which is necessary for various industries. These Blending used in food processing industry , pharma , bulk drugs , dyes , paints, fertilizers also used in tea blending , tea mixing, spice mixing , detergent , dry powder mixing ,color mixing etc Chemical blenders capacity is upto 10000 liters. These chemical blenders are supplied with the quality stainless steel and the mild steel.etc

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